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Your city is your gym

Stairs, park benches, bridge railings - you work out using the many possibilities around you. An experienced trainer is there to motivate and assist you.

Work out in a group

Working out in a group has a motivating effect. You'll meet nice people and have more fun breaking a sweat. Your level of fitness is irrelevant. The workouts do not require any specific level of power or endurance.

Whenever and wherever you want

Bootcamper offers outdoor workouts 365 days a year - in any weather and right in your area. You choose the workout time and place, so you can stay fully flexible.

Outdoor exercise with Bootcamper

51 Locations all over Switzerland
83 Qualified, professional trainers
77 Workouts per week

Attractive pricing

We offer you complete independence and there's no commitment. You can pay for each workout separately or take advantage of discounts by purchasing a package of several workouts.

One credit is valid for one 60-minute workout.