Terms & Conditions

T&C Bootcamper.ch AG

  1. All workout times are shown on the website and are constantly updated and announced in advance.

  2. Bootcamper.ch AG uses a reservation system/schedule. Participation is only possible with prior registration and prepayment.

  3. Disclaimer:
    Bootcamper.ch AG assumes no liability whatsoever for any damage or loss incurred by a customer, in particular physical injury resulting from a workout offered by Bootcamper.ch AG.

  4. You must be physically healthy and fit and assume responsibility for your workout. If this is not the case, consult with your doctor to determine whether you are able to participate in the workouts.

  5. A workout can be booked up to two hours before it starts, but must be cancelled no less than 24 hours before it begins.

  6. Participants who do not show up for a workout they have booked will be charged in full, except in the event of an accident or an illness documented by a doctor's note.

  7. If a workout is cancelled by Bootcamper.ch AG (due to illness, force majeure, etc.), the customer will not be charged for the workout.

  8. The workout credits purchased are valid for three years.
    Services from Bootcamper.ch AG that are not used by the expiration date listed above are rendered void and are non-refundable.

  9. All prices listed on Bootcamper.ch AG include 7.7% VAT.

  10. Membership is bound to a single person and is non-transferable. Persons age 13 and above are allowed to participate in workouts from Bootcamper.ch AG.

  11. Neither Bootcamper.ch AG nor the trainer assumes any liability for harm suffered by a member in connection with participating in the workouts, in particular harm resulting from accidents, injuries and illnesses. The participant takes part in workouts at their own risk and is fully liable for any consequences.

  12. Bootcamper.ch AG assumes no liability for the loss of valuables during workouts.

  13. The courses and workouts are offered solely for the purpose of promoting health and improving physical performance and are not intended for therapeutic purposes.

  14. Drinks and other waste must be disposed of properly after each workout.

  15. Items left behind will be kept for one month. If they are not claimed, they will be disposed of or donated to Caritas.

  16. You acknowledge that physical workouts increase the risk of injury and pain. You participate in the workout with Bootcamper.ch AG in full knowledge of this fact and at your own risk. You therefore explicitly indemnify Bootcamper.ch AG against all claims for damages relating to health/medical problems that result from the workout.

  17. Bootcamper.ch products shop: All purchases are non-returnable.

  18. Scope: The Terms & Conditions apply to the use of all Bootcamper.ch AG products and services.

  19. The customer agrees that their data, as well as supplementary data kept by Bootcamper.ch AG or originating from third parties, may be used by Bootcamper.ch AG.

  20. Data is disclosed to parties outside Bootcamper.ch AG, whether in Switzerland or abroad, only in compliance with strict, contractual data protection requirements, to law enforcement agencies as required by law, or if disclosure is necessary for protecting and implementing the legitimate interests of Bootcamper.ch AG.

  21. Bootcamper.ch never stores the credit card information of its members.

  22. Changes to Terms & Conditions: The member expressly acknowledges that the Terms & Conditions are subject to change and that they have been made aware of this appropriately. A member is not entitled to any specific rights based on a change to the Terms & Conditions or operating regulations. Swiss law applies, and the place of jurisdiction is Moosseedorf (BE).