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Certification to become a Bootcamper functional trainer

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You are...

  • fit as a fiddle
  • excited about the positive impact sports can have on people
  • open-minded and take a positive approach to life
  • communicative and sociable


You possess...

  • training experience in the area of functional training
  • basic fitness certification (SAFS Fitness Trainer or similar)
  • an independent approach to your work
  • solid computer and social media skills

You want to...

  • expand your basic fitness training
  • work as a group and personal trainer who teaches and corrects functional exercises
  • work for Bootcamper or as an independent trainer

Become a Bootcamper functional trainer

In cooperation with the Swiss Academy of Fitness & Sports (SAFS), Bootcamper offers a basic trainer certification program. The certification program is open to anyone interested, regardless of whether or not they want to work together with Bootcamper.

Our concept, your benefits

The certification program to become a Bootcamper functional trainer forms a good foundation for independent work. We handle the administration for you and offer you high-quality training and certification programs from SAFS. You decide when and where you want to offer your Bootcamp workouts. At the same time, you benefit from our Bootcamper community all over Switzerland.

Certification goal

As a Bootcamper functional trainer, you are able to teach and correct functional exercises in a variety of settings. You can modify and scale the workout intensity depending on the individual situation. You know how to differentiate between various metabolic systems and factor these into your workouts.

Certification length

One month with one day of attendance and two weeks independent study of the materials.


of certification: CHF 490, including course materials and online test

Competence certificate

The certification program is completed with a written exam. After you have completed the exam, you will receive a «Bootcamper Functional Trainer» certificate, which you can then use to apply for a license from Bootcamper.


Terms of engagement

  • Bootcamper Functional Trainers are licensees
  • Revenue depends on sales
  • Independence and self-initiative through an independent partnership

Advanced training in express workshops

As a Bootcamper functional trainer, you have the opportunity to constantly acquire new skills in our express workshops. These purely practical workshops are focused on exercise. You will become an expert in disciplines such as kettlebells and body weight training. Express workshops cost CHF 100.

Cooperation partners

Swiss Academy of Fitness & Sports (SAFS)