What is a Bootcamp workout?

Your outdoor group fitness

What is an outdoor bootcamp?

The word "bootcamp" sounds like something from the military. And new US army recruits are, in fact, sent to «"boot camp"» as part of their basic training. But during workouts with Bootcamper you won't find any drill sergeants barking orders like you've seen in Hollywood movies. Our group fitness workouts have only one thing in common with their military namesake: outdoor, guided group workouts year-round and in any weather.

What's most important, however, is that everyone has fun. Our trainers take advantage of the various workout possibilities right nearby. Stairs, park benches, bridge railings, and street lamps take the place of stepper machines and weights. Bootcamp workouts are offered at over 40 locations in Switzerland. In the heart of the city. Right near you.

The trainers adjust the exercises to the level of each participant. The exercises use the participants' own body weight and sometimes functional equipment, such as kettlebells and slam balls. The program is designed around our bodies' natural movements, making Bootcamp workouts the perfect group fitness training method for everyone. Each high intensity interval training (HIIT) session lasts 60 minutes and has three parts. The number of Bootcamp participants is capped at 16 to ensure our trainers can provide the optimal quality of instruction.

5 good reasons to work out with Bootcamper

  • 60-minute group fitness
  • Maximum 16 participants per group
  • Choose any location and time for each workout
  • Flexible subscriptions with no contract obligations
  • Recognized by health insurance

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Attractive Bootcamper pricing

We offer you complete independence and there's no commitment. You can pay for each workout separately or take advantage of discounts by purchasing a package of several workouts. One credit is valid for one 60-minute workout.