Deine Bootcamp Trainerin

Barbara Dermody

Über mich

My passion is sports. For many years, I've been teaching a range of group fitness activities. In my spare time, you can find me jogging or riding my racing bike. As a Bootcamper trainer, I can teach you about exercising outdoors. Bootcamper lets newcomers and seasoned athletes alike exercise with a focus on basic fitness, strength and stamina using simple methods - that's what fascinates me about this workout method.


My favorite exercise Treppensprünge
Sports I enjoy Running, Rennvelo, Bodyattack
The best way to enjoy relaxing at home Running mit dem Hund oder Radfahren. Einfach draussen in der Sonne
The best place in my city for a Bootcamp workout Diverse Sport- und Schul- oder Grünanlagen in und um Aarau