Deine Bootcamp Trainerin

Bianca Summi

Über mich

Just move! That's my motto. I love to get moving and can hardly sit still - I'm just so full of energy.
I'm super excited and motivated to offer you a functional workout that will improve your agility in your day-to-day life, that gives you that special kick and offers you variety.


My favorite exercise Pushups
A song to push me beat it - Micheal Jacksen
Sports I enjoy Running, Tôsô-X, Functional, Crossfit
The best way to enjoy relaxing at home Spazieren im Wald, Hamam in Baden oder Münstergasse, in der Sauna
The best place in my city for a Bootcamp workout Mauer für one-leg wallsit / Parkbank für Dips / Wiese für Sprints