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Ines Eicher

Über mich

In my job as a banker, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. So after a long day of work, I can hardly wait to get some exercise and find some balance. Even as a child, I enjoyed sports days and they were never a chore to me. Thanks to my determination and ambition, I was often at the very top. Group sports and the outdoors are a direct source of energy for me. My work at FlowerPower lets me share these moments with my participants. When I'm not working or doing sports, I'm off with my husband enjoying breathtaking nature and discovering other cultures.


My favorite exercise Triceps und Pushups auf einer Parkbank
A song to push me Happy von Pharrell Williams
Sports I enjoy Bootcamp, TRX, Tennis, Volleyball
The best way to enjoy relaxing at home Beim Kochen und backen, denn da kann ich den Gedanken freien Lauf lassen.
The best place in my city for a Bootcamp workout Die Vitaparcour-Stange um mit dem TRX Atomic Push ups zu machen