Deine Bootcamp Trainerin

Monique Zaugg

Über mich

Sport is my hobby, what I do in my spare time, my passion and, of course, my work... but it wasn't always that way. Yes, I have an office job background... but that's a thing of the past now. Now I'm here for you! During Bootcamper workouts, I take you out into nature and through its beauty, restoring your sense of physical well-being. I've been working at FlowerPower Burgdorf since 2015 and am looking forward to our intense and personal outdoor group workouts together.


My favorite exercise Back Squat mit Langhantel
A song to push me Alles von DJ Antoine
Sports I enjoy Bootcamp, Crossfit, Skifahren und Klettern
The best way to enjoy relaxing at home PowerNap in meinem Wasserbett
The best place in my city for a Bootcamp workout Entlang der Aare in Bern - top für alle Ganzkörperübungen und ohne zusätzlichen Hilfsmittel