Dein Bootcamp Trainer

Robert Eletic

Über mich

In the past, I didn't want anything to do with sports. I worked a lot and was too tired to exercise afterwards. Through my training as an acupressure therapist, I've learned a lot about the human body, which motivated me to do sports. I quickly noticed that sports give me a lot more energy and that I'm better able to handle stress. I'm so thankful for this experience, which is why I like getting other people excited about sports, too.


My favorite exercise Push up's in allen Varianten
A song to push me Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
Sports I enjoy Rennfahrrad fahren, Schwimmen, Running
The best way to enjoy relaxing at home Mit meiner Familie in der Natur
The best place in my city for a Bootcamp workout Beim Schulhaus Rietli die vielen Treppen rauf und runter für ein effektives Training