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Are you unclear about something or want to find out more about Bootcamper? Our FAQ section provides answers to the most common questions. Still haven't found an answer to your question? Then feel free to contact us and let us know.

Do you have questions about the closing of Bootcamper? Please find the most important questions & answers here.


What does Bootcamper offer and why should I exercise this way?

With Bootcamper, you exercise outdoors, right in the heart of the city - and together with a group, so that you are motivated and have more fun. Bootcamp workouts are held year-round and use the functional training method to improve physical and mental performance. The program was developed by qualified sports practitioners and fitness professionals and was designed around our natural human movements.

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What makes Bootcamper special?

Bootcamper is the biggest bootcamp community in Switzerland. In addition to classic bootcamp-style workouts, we regularly offer Bootcamper participants other highlights such as fun events and cool partner benefits. The workouts are led exclusively by licensed Bootcamper trainers. All trainers must complete the Bootcamper Functional Trainer certification - the leading functional trainer program in Switzerland.
More information about the certification

Who leads the Bootcamper workouts?

Our trainers are all fitness professionals. To lead our Bootcamp workouts, they regularly complete required training in exercise theory, anatomy, exercise planning and biomechanics. All of them have received a minimum "OK" status from Qualitop.

Does Bootcamper use a specific training system?

Bootcamper Classic is a special workout system developed by us. It focusses on workouts that use your own body weight combined with various small items of equipment. Sessions are roughly divided into these four parts: mobility, warm-up, workout, cool-down and reset. Our professionals design workouts for Bootcamp participants of any fitness level.

How long is one lesson?

Each Bootcamp workout lasts 60 minutes.

Is Bootcamper recognized by Qualitop?

Yes, each Bootcamper location has already been certified by Qualitop years ago, meaning that participation in Bootcamp workouts is eligible for deductions depending on your health insurer and supplementary insurance.

How can I sign up for a Bootcamp workout?

Click on the profile icon at the top right to sign up for free. Purchase credits and use them to book individual Bootcamp workouts. You can sign up at least two hours before a workout begins.

When do I need to refrain from participating in Bootcamp workouts?

We recommend refraining from workouts if you are experiencing any health/medical discomfort or problems. If you are unsure, before your first Bootcamp workout we recommend seeing a doctor for a medical examination to assess whether you can confidently participate in Bootcamp workouts.

Where can I work out?

Bootcamper credits are valid at all locations in Switzerland.
Here is a list of our locations and workouts near you

What kind of clothing/shoes do I need?

All you need is athletic clothing and shoes (no indoor shoes). You should, of course, choose your clothes to suit the weather and season. At locations with showers, you are free to bring a towel, etc. as well.

I'm totally non-athletic. Can I still participate?

Bootcamper offers workouts that do not depend on your athletic level. We still recommend having a certain basic level of strength and fitness, however.

Do I need any special insurance?

No, that's not necessary.

Does Bootcamper have special insurance?

All Bootcamper trainers have liability insurance with coverage of CHF?5 million.

What happens with my medical and other personal data?

Your medical data remains in the possession of Bootcamper.ch AG and will not be passed on to any third parties. Bootcamper does not save the credit card information of its members.

How can I cancel a Bootcamp workout?

You manage your workout bookings in your profile. You can cancel a workout free of charge up to 24 hours before it begins. Simply go to «Your upcoming workouts» in your profile. The amount will then be re-credited to your account balance.

What happens if I was unable to cancel a workout?

Workouts that you have missed or cancelled too late (less than 24 hours before the workout starts) will be charged in full and deducted from your account balance, except in the event of an accident or an illness documented by a doctor's note.

Please send the appropriate documentation to the following address:

Bootcamper.ch AG
Industriestrasse 21
3021 Schönbühl

What happens during a Bootcamp workout?

Please arrive around 5 to 10 minutes before the workout is scheduled to begin. Check in with the trainer. The trainer discusses the workout and groups the participants by level (this is also indicated in the Bootcamper profile by the number of flags). Warm-up and mobility, workout, cool-down and finish. Debrief and farewell.

Where can I keep my valuables during Bootcamp workouts?

You can leave your valuables with the trainer before the workout and then retrieve them again afterwards. Meeting points at Migros Fitness locations have lockers you can use.

Are there changing rooms or showers I can use?

This depends on the spot. There are showering or changing facilities at many locations, but not at all of them. This information is indicated in each workout description on this website. If there are no showers or changing facilities, we recommend arriving at the meeting point already in your workout clothes.

When do my purchased credits expire?

The Bootcamp credits are valid for three years after purchase. Services from Bootcamper.ch AG that are not used by the expiration date listed above are rendered void and are non-refundable.

Can I pay in instalments?

No, we do not accept payment in instalments. You can, however, purchase individual credits.

Will my health insurance pay for my Bootcamper workouts?

Depending on your health insurer and any supplementary insurance, 75 percent of the costs, or a maximum of CHF 200, can be reimbursed annually for fitness activities.
Contact us to obtain proof of your participation.

Are there any discounts for students?

Yes, students benefit from a 15 percent discount. Send a copy of your school or student ID to this email address to receive the discount code.