Bootcamps in Bern

Outdoor group workouts

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Bootcamp is a high-intensity outdoor workout concept. Sessions are held at the numerous green spaces around the city and in the canton of Bern - with new courses being added all the time. Outstanding functional trainers with plenty of knowledge, passion and motivational skills employ professional training methods to test your personal limits. Everyone, from sports rookies to performance athletes, is welcome to join.

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We offer Bootcamp workouts at the following locations in the canton of Bern:

  • Bern Kirchenfeld
  • Bern city center
  • Bern Rathaus
  • Bern Länggasse
  • Thun Konzepthalle
  • Köniz FloPo
  • Oberhofen FiPa
  • Ostermundigen FiPa
  • Shoppyland Schönbühl
  • Thun West
  • Thun city center
  • Burgdorf Schützenmatte
  • Bern-Brünnen Bernaqua
  • Biel-Bözingen
  • Biel Elite