The perfect workout for any body type

Want to have fun, get fit and look even better?

With exercises that target people's individual body types, we show you how to improve your trouble spots. The result: a more attractive body overall.

Women with a pear figure

Women with wider hips and hefty thighs like Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez often pick exercises targeting their abs, legs and glutes to slim down those "stubborn" sections. Basically, that's the right strategy, since toned legs and shapely buns look great. But people who strengthen their arms and chest muscles will look fitter and leaner overall. That's why push-ups and dips are exercises that perfectly complement an all-round attractive body.

Women with an apple figure

These women have a rounder midsection. Full-body exercises are the best way to achieve a slimmer silhouette. Mountain climbers combined with push-ups strengthen the arms, legs, and trunk. Participants who complete high-intensity interval (HIIT) workouts with Bootcamper at maximum speed will easily burn off a few extra pounds. The lumberjack exercise with a weight or resistance band is also ideal for apple figures, and it also strengthens the arms, legs and trunk.

Women with a bamboo figure

Tall and slim is the ideal figure for many women. But some still wish they had a few extra curves. That's why training with resistance is the perfect way to build some muscle in the desired spots. Squats or lunges with weights work the legs, buttocks, and trunk. The bridge exercise makes for a nice view from behind. Push-ups work the chest, shoulders, and arms to make those arms really stand out when you put on that summer dress.

Men with a stick-like body type

Slim and narrow – men with this body type often want to put on more muscle. Targeted bulking with full-body exercises and weights is helpful. Pull-ups, push-ups, squats with a sandbag, as well as deadlifts with kettlebells and Turkish get-ups, are all good full-body exercises. To put on muscle, make sure to consume enough calories in the form of protein, full-grain products and vegetables.

Men with a V-figure

Many men consider this figure ideal: broad shoulders, strong arms, and narrow hips. But don't forget the legs, like so many men often do. Squats and lunges with kettlebells to build strength deliver the desired power. Those who want an extra athletic challenge can add box jumps to increase their speed strength.

Men with an A-figure

A narrow torso and relatively wide hips - not exactly what most men are after. What helps is intensive training for the arms, shoulders, chest, back, and trunk. Pull-ups and push-ups are the go-to exercises, but bench presses and bent-over rows with kettlebells and sandbags will also get your upper body in shape.

Curious to find out which exercises are best-suited for your body type? Then sign up for a Bootcamper workout now - they're appropriate for all body types and regardless of your current fitness level.