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Closing of Bootcamper by 31.12.2018


Why is Bootcamper being discontinued?
The commercial success of the product has not lived up to our expectations which is why we saw no alternative but to close the platform.

What is happening with the trainers?
Many trainers are employed as group fitness instructors at Migros Fitness Centers and will continue as such. Others will offer bootcamps as private providers in future independently of the platform.

Where can I attend bootcamps in future?
Various Migros Fitness Centers throughout German-speaking Switzerland will continue to run Bootcamps in their course programme. Find out more about the location and course offerings in your area at your usual center or at www.migrosfitness.ch.

Are there alternative offerings?
The Migros Fitness Centers all over Switzerland offer a comprehensive programme of group fitness courses, including various indoor and outdoor functional trainings. Find out more about the location and course offerings in your area at rel="noopener noreferrer" your usual center or at www.migrosfitness.ch.

What will happen to my unused credits?
The bootcamper.ch platform will continue to operate normally until 31.12.2018. You will be able to book training sessions and use your credits until then. From 3 December 2018 to 28 February 2019 a form with which you can reclaim your unused credits is available on the front page.

Will I still get unused credits back if I have taken out a subscription in a Migros Fitness Center in the meantime?
Yes, all customers with unused, still valid credits can reclaim these from December using the online form.

Can I still buy new credits?
Yes, you can continue to buy and redeem credits up to 31.12.2018.

Will there still be a “Functional Bootcamper Trainer“ training course in future?
We are currently investigating whether to continue offering the training and possible further training in future. More detailed information will appear on www.bootcamper.ch in December.